Framework Property Group is a service-based management and leasing company, equally active in South Africa’s commercial and residential property sectors. This is possible due to our unique structure.  As our property portfolio grew, we separated our residential division from our commercial division, in order for each division to operate independently and employ its own specialised staff. 

Framework specialises in taking under-performing properties and making them work more efficiently and effectively, which ultimately increases the return to the investor. We take the time to investigate the nuances of a property and to uncover where things may have been going wrong. This in depth process has been applied to numerous, diverse projects over the years, with successful results.

We pride ourselves in developing tailored solutions for individual situations. There is no standard response, we are committed to customised client asset care. Although Framework has grown significantly over the past 20 years, we have maintained our ‘family’ approach which has sustained our tightly-knit nature and enables us to achieve excellence in a wide range of focus areas.

Framework focuses on achieving solid and sustainable returns for the property owner while ensuring that tenants are satisfied with the environment in which they work or live. In short, we look after our assets and the people needed to make them assets. 


Steven Solarsh
Member, Framework Property Services; Member, Framework Commercial Property
Steven has been involved in investing and managing property for over 20 years. His experience extends from inner-city residential high rise apartment blocks to retail, commercial and industrial property. Steven’s passion lies in unlocking the value that is inherent in all property and in maintaining high yields for their owners.

Joel Neuhaus
Member, Framework Property Services; Member, Framework Commercial Property
Joel’s experience ranges from planning and developing properties to their management and maintenance. He believes in a hands-on approach when dealing with clients’ properties as he understands that a property is generally an expensive and long term commitment for a landlord. Equally important is Joel’s interaction and communication with tenants, whose satisfaction is essential in achieving a successful and sustainable property investment.

Anita Keet
Member, Framework Commercial Property
With her paralegal, business administration and facilities management background, Anita brings a valuable skill set to Framework Commercial Property. ‘Commercial property management is financial and contract-intensive work as all property relationships are essentially legal relationships,’ she says. Beyond this, Anita still makes time to visit property sites and meet with clients, to remain involved at ground level.